hey!! that video you did is really great! if you don't mind my asking, what's "death hunters"? (´∀`)♡

I’m going to be posting this publically if you dont mind, haha!!

It’s just a roleplay group that my friend runs and I’m in, so all the chracters in it are ocs!! 

the girl at the end and beginning is the only one who was mine// all the rest I borrowed  aND YELLS THNK YOU \O/

Hhhey there 

OK i dONT USUALLY put rp group stuff on my blog anymore (hence recent inactivity oops sorry) but it spent like a wHOLE WEEK of solid work on this including attempting to figure out after effects! there are a bajillion things that I would’ve done if I allowed myself more time, but i learnt a whole bunch of things from making this video, and it was a lot of fun, sO HERE IT IS 

juu st a doodle thing \o/


The pen tool is the only tool that I keep as-is and somewhat uniform (and also because those settings are really easy to remember haha). 

The brush tool is significantly less set in stone haha;; I’m very fond of using the flat brush, but other than that, I play around with the settings a lot, so those sliders never stay the same;; (ie. when I want a harder contrast, I turn everything down, or when I’m blending, say, a smooth looking surface I’d turn it up and stuff!)